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It's beginning to look a lot like...great job opportunities with Buc-ee's! Curl up with some hot chocolate and apply for a career at today! #thefunstore #thefuncareer ... See MoreSee Less

Its beginning to look a lot like...great job opportunities with Buc-ees! Curl up with some hot chocolate and apply for a career at today!  #thefunstore #thefuncareer


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I'd happily move from Australia to work for you, but you'd have to promise me an unlimited supply of free beaver nuggets 😁

Wore my Bucees T-Shirt today climbing in the Summit Medical Fitness Center in Kalispell Montana. No pictures but wish I had. Carried all the way from Texas.

Kayli! They offer benefits and vacation time, and they pay like $12/hr! You could work at pearland or Texas city location!

Buc-ee’s hot chocolate is the best!

I surrrrely do wish you guys wd get one open near Baton Rouge or the vicinity area of Louisiana

Whats the link to apply ? I really could use a job

Stay warm...We had 16* this morning...Ohio LovesYou Buc..

Please build between Winnie and Beaumont. Lots of land. Pleeeeaaase!!!

I'm closer to retirement age and applied...never heard a word from them....

Please please please come to Jefferson County!!!! Lots of land on IH 10!

Please come to San Angelo! We miss y’all up here!

This is crazy that it snowed down there

Buc-ee's has Popguns.....great Christmas gifts!!

Sherl Parker Wilder something I thought I’d never see!


Christopher omg this is amazing

Now that is a site for my eyes

winter I my favorite season


Midland Tx.

Xavier O'Farrell

Carissa Foster

Deven Moore

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Incredibly proud day at Buc-ee's as we accept our world record! ... See MoreSee Less

Incredibly proud day at Buc-ees as we accept our world record!


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Went through last weekend took a nap, ate lunch and read war and peace through the whole process..... and the car was actually dry when I came out

My husband still talks about his world record - taking a day trip to go see a gas station, duly impressed, especially with the cleanest bathrooms ever! !

My husband wanted to know if you could get a chicken sandwich while driving through. Lol. Congratulations!

Awesome!! Everything is BIG in Texas, while it's BIGGER in Katy!!

Unfortunately your brisket sandwiches are still 💩💩💩

What was the record for? You need a tight shot of that certificate.

I got my wash for free! Great atmosphere there!

Yvette Pena look,.now they have the worlds longest car wash 😂

Brett Gaylord let's take a road trip and go wash ole blacky black aka the sonata

Been a fan since I saw it being built outside of Luling on IH10 all those years ago. Love Buc-ee’s

Anyone else see a lot of water wasting?

And look at that crowd!!!!!!!

Question, Buc-ee's does it offer a “Brushless” option?

For lifted trucks, it isn't about the length. It's about the girth.

Heading that way soon!!

Where is it located at in Katy....?

Alec Keane worlds longest car wash ahahaha

Anna Jeffrey why do i love bucees so much

Ben Shannon is this the place you were talking about?

How long is the car wash ???

Thanks my Name car wash 😂😂😂😂

Lorena Loreto Bradshaw we are going to have to take snowflake there!!! :O :*

Stopped there once. It's like a small town!

Kon-Kon Chao we should have stopped

Sarah Polsgrove aren’t you happy I exposed you this great Texas treasure

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Have you visited the world's longest car wash yet? Let us take you for a ride! Free car washes in Katy on 11/16 to celebrate our Guinness World Record! ... See MoreSee Less

Have you visited the worlds longest car wash yet? Let us take you for a ride! Free car washes in Katy on 11/16 to celebrate our Guinness World Record!


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During our Harvey deployment we were looking at sleeping in it. Until Corporate stepped up and let us in the store before it opened! Buc-ee's Rocks!

Scared to go there again after I saw how your car had all those micro scratches all over after you went there like every other day, Khristale

Not that we needed one but, ... Just one more reason to get the feels for BUC-EES! Thank y'all 😁 ... If you don't do Buc-ees, well then you just don't do me 😄

I'm obsessed with Buccees ... I need everything in that place😫! Now I'll have a reason to wash my car too , I'll let ya know Amanda Fullbright😂!

One of the things I like about Buc-ee's is their Beaver Nuggets. Delicious. I got these when I was in Texas last year.

I was in Katy working flood claims for Harvey..I went through the wash..It was the best. Even got all the love bugs off my ride!

Does anyone know if you can ride in your vehicle while it's being washed? Or is it one that it automated?

Yes! Its awesome! I live in Kerrville and my truck was an absolute MESS bc it had beem raining. We took it thru and it even shined my wheels up!

Bailey Hamer next time you go visit your parents you can get your car washed in the world’s longest car wash 😂

JoJo, let’s take back the equipment and get a free car wash in he world record car wash!

That sounds like it will also be the record for longest line at a car wash. No thanks! Lol

Love BUC-EES wish they would spread out to the rest of the country

More blowers, more brushes, more nozzles, more swirl marks. 😢

Dam would love to go but in the Valley, build a Buc-ee's in Mcallen or Edinburg 🙂

Jordan I'm sure the line will be short. Not.

That would almost be worth the drive down!

Lauren, you can wash Olive tomorrow!!

Love bucee’s 👍 you should teach you checkers how to smile lol 😳😳

Yes, many times, we love it

Oh no, Uzair Hassan. This can’t be’s longest....

I go through it on my way home and back...😁 more reason to love Buc-ee’s...

We need a Buc-ee's between StL and KC on I-70 in MO!

Jack....when ya coming back? There’s a new Bucee’s in town.

Emma We just missed it!!

Wish they would put car washes at other Buc-ee's

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