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Happy Pi Day! Just like Pi, your love for Buc-ee's is never ending!
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Happy Pi Day! Just like Pi, your love for Buc-ees is never ending!


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Pi? Not pie?

Lord, I could murder a pecan pie right now.

Love buc-cee's cuando boy a texas

Are u coming to Denton/ Corinth on 35E ?

I love me some Buc-ee’s !! ♥️♥️ we STILL need one on IH-10 between Winnie and Beaumont!! Pleeeaaase!!

Make it a trucks stop and trucker friendly

Waiting on you to open in Anna, TX!!


One of my favorite stops!

Ohh great i am wanting Buccees mud pie and don't have a store close enough !!! Katie Wendel Williamson

Buc-ee’s best stop ever

Yep was in bucees earlier.

Love everything Buc-cees!

Love Buc-cee's!

Midland Tx needs you !

What are the Texas boards?

Pecan Pi

Sara Vitovsky😍😍😍

Bryant Matheis

Michael Carlson

Nikki Bucci

Forrest MacCready eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss

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Buc-ee’s is Ultra Hot!

I saw a guy wearing a tie dye Mardi Gras Buc-ees shirt. Where can I find one? I tried looking online but had no luck.

😡Saturday, I visited a Buc-ee's in Houston, Tx. When I tried to order a club sandwich. I waited and finally a young man Will came over and asked how he could help the Tall young man who had come over After me, I said yes, and tried to orderthey heard me both times, but they were so busy doing nothing, they did nothing and I left. If I could have given back the gas I would have. All the Men got waited on. Yes, I let Will know that I was Very Unhappy with him., Even though He could not see me. , when He then looked over and seen me, he then stated "I had to use the screens to order that" and immed turned away to help the Man. I tried 2 screens and could not get them to work, now a female is waiting on yet a another man, again I was refused. So I am now paying for my water and complaining, loudly. There were 2 male and female in white shirts just stand at another resgister and I know

I loves this place! Since they do not allow 18 wheelers you do not have to worry about stumbling over lot lizzards and meth heads! Thank you for making a nice place where common folk can stop and not be surrounded by trucks

I need a Buc-ee’s between Beaumont and Winnie.

Hi Buc-ee’s when do you’ll break ground in Boerne???

Will Buc-ees ever offer merchandise online? I don't get out to Texas much.

Kristle Harrison uh gotta get go grab one!!! 🙋🙋

Your mascot looks like an otter not a beaver.

Jose De Luna Amor Thank You for my Bucee's shirt... 😘😘😘

This was my valentines present 💗💗

Please let us shop online! I only get to Texas once a year!!!

When and whereabouts is the Boerne location breaking ground!!! I am not driving 90 minutes to the closest Buckee's! Waiting for over a year now to hear when.

Awe man!! Matty Marie Hutyra they have a valentines shirt

When is construction going to start on the St Augustine Florida location?

Autumn Johnson we need to go to buccees!

Won't lie...I kind of regret not buying that when I visited Baytown and Texas City last week.

Happy Valentine's Day from across miles ✈️

Forrest MacCready this kind of budget promotion that used nothing more than a picture from someone's LG G5 and the stock holiday filter that you can add before posting is part of the charm that has made Buc-Ceeeeeeeeeees famous.

Stephanie! Do you wear a large?? 😁😁😁 Andie

Stephan Stephanie Matt - I love this shirt!!! 😀

Wish they was truck driver friendly

Yes, I love ❤️ Buc-ees!

I have the shirt ❤️

I got mine 🙂

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