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Red Lobster

Lunch options just went ⬆️ to the next-level with our New! Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese and Salad. ... See MoreSee Less

Lunch options just went ⬆️ to the next-level with our New! Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese and Salad.


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Mom had the Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese for dinner tonight and it is now her new favorite! Mom approved and delicious!

Wow! I ate here last night I must of gotten raw end... it never got cooked...I won’t be returning.

I've gone to the same Red Lobster for 38 ears and I've always gotten the crab legs Love Red Lobster, but the last couple years they've gone downhill. Crab legs don't taste as good and they come out salty sometimes. They'll take him back and redo them but they still don't taste good so I quit going. I really miss Red Lobster.

They have the best scrimp scampi

RL has the best shrimp scampi! I should have stuck with my favorite, but made a mistake and ordered the fish and chips on my last visit and was highly disappointed. The fish was soo greasy and gross. Don't order the fish and chips!

I've never been to red lobster but as soon as I get a chance I'm going to go I ❤️ seafood! And I've never had lobster so I'm excited to try it for the first time...

I hate when they take our favorite things off the menu. They took the coconut shrimp bites away:(

Do you have this for dinner?

Pt Charlotte was terrible food, gd service n pricy. Not a fan n won't return!😢

We are heading to lunch at the Red Lobster today! Food looks great!

I ordered the lobster Mac and cheese yesterday, but boy was it disappointing. I should’ve gone with the choose two lunch: scallops and scampi! Those are always excellent.

Red Lobster, please come to South Africa. ....I miss you:-(

I had the lobster mac and cheese last week. It is excellent!!

If you can just get a delivery system set up, it would be appreciated! mg


I love Red Lobster especially the shrimp scampi. But please please bring back the gumbo. PLEASE 😍

Lobster Mac and cheese was the best thing you have. Can’t wait to have it again.

They were my fav for yrs....too many probs in recent up

I would order Lobster please, 😋

Oh I wish we had one in Knox County Ohio. I am so hungry.

I need these mac n cheese, Katie. Lol

All three of these look yummy and delicious Red Lobster!🤤😋 Is the Lobster Mac & Cheese only available during Lobsterfest? #CheddarBayBiscuits🤤😋

Chrisjan Yum 😋 I think the boys will like this!

Joseph Welch please take us back. Babe and I would love some 🍤 😁

Ken Curtis, this is what I had for lunch.

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3 days ago

Red Lobster

Lobster 3 ways in 1 dish…dare we say it’s every Lobster Lover’s Dream? 🤣#LobsterfestGoals ... See MoreSee Less


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We went there for lunch last week and I had this plate with the two lobsters and pasta, the one in the shell was dry and cold, I love Red Lobster, but won't order this again. We live over an hour away and it was a waste of money. I've been going to one since 1973 or so.

So on Feb 14 Valentine's day I visited ur Novi Michigan location with 3 other friends. Very dissapointed that I had to spend 94.20 out of pocket for a Hepatitis A Vaccine. This is terrible. I called and no response. At least reimburse me for ur negligence.. I won't be back. Thx Red Lobster

It's my birthday tomorrow I want red lobster!!!!

Server brought drinks, Cheese Biscuits and Salad almost immediately. Took our orders and never came back. After 1 hour and 5 minutes we headed for the door. Hostess' reaction, "Oh, who was your Server?". Went from Red Lobster to Chili's and had a great dinner. Thanks Chili's! Red Lobster should take note that every other business on 28th Street is a restaurant. We don't need you.

We have not been to a Red Lobster since being served their Petite Lobster Roll.

We are gonna be at our Lincoln location on Thursday! We can't wait! Lunch date!

Red Lobster alwys over cooks their lobster. It shouldn' be chewy. Yuck.

My boyfriend and i r consistent customers at red lobster. Past few experiences have been horrible. I agree, its way overpriced but thats not my issue. 3 times in a row i called to make a reservation. When i arrived they had no recollection of my call. I had it on my cell phone still. First time, had to wait over an hr After my reservation. Had to rush through my meal to make it to work. Spoke to a manager and finally got seated after hostess was snotty with my and laughing behind my back, which my mother saw. Lack of communication, which results in frustration and having to eat quickly. I spend a lot of money there but will b taking my service elsewhere. Its a shame because the servers have always been outstanding!

Ordered the lobster lovers dream yesterday at our Matthews, NC location and it was more like lobster lovers nightmare! I was so disappointed in my meal. The pasta had no flavor, one of my lobster tails was pure mush, and the service was terrible! I don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon! 👎

Going to red lobster on tues Feb 20! It's my birthday (50). I can't wait to get those lobster tails! Yummy! Our uniontown pa restaurant is the bomb!

I'm wondering about endless shrimp. When does that happen again? We are coming to SF Mar. 21st and we always have to go to red lobster cuz we don't make it there very often.

How often do they have Lobsterfest in a year?

The last time I went to the Red Lobster I ordered the steak and lobster tail meal. Not only was our food brought out a half hour after we ordered, but my lobster tail was burnt. I tried to put a fork into it, but it was so burned and dried out from being over cooked, it was not edible. I called the waitress over to the table and showed her...the lobster tail was all black from being could she not notice that when she picked up the plate from the kitchen. The waitress said nothing and took the plate away. Less than ten minutes later, a perfectly cooked steak and lobster was brought out for me. They burned the lobster and figured they would bring it out to me anyway....just to see if I would eat it. If i did eat it, they'd be off the hook for ruining a lobster tail, but in the event that i did notice the piece of charcoal they brought out to me, they would have another one ready.. They burned my food and wanted to see if I would still eat it. What nerve when one considers the price of the meal.This happened at the Port Charlotte, Florida Red Lobster.

Ya'll got quality control problems! Svc here is just fair! gumbo is a waterless mess! new menu items suck! BETTER GET Back to BasicS!

Crazy my lobster was u cook the no sauce on the shrimp Alfredo dish, ask for unsweetened tea and they gave my husband water n sugar. His dinner missing one of his side order and they give him a bake potato and we were charge $1.79 for it 🤦‍♀️. Think we won’t be god back at all smh. I can not afford to get sick of food when I don’t have a spleen to help fight off bacteria for food

Had it on Valentine's. Totally delicious (y) (y)

Wow we sat down to a table no water or even flatware. Then they give my husband a bowl of soup like half way smh. No tea to drink neither smh. Very disappointed

The linguini is so flippin good. It irritates me that I can't make it the way Red Lobster apparently does. It's good, but it doesn't taste AS good. grr

Red Lobster is good.Everybody has a different taste bud.Was just there a few weeks ago,service and food were great.Florence,Kentucky.Loved it.

I love seafood of all kinds...but Red Lobster is way overrated and overpriced.

Ate there 2-14-28......was my health compromised 86 year mother exposed and now may require medical care. Me too....believe me, risk was not worth mediocre meal‼️. Red Lobster has yet to respond....

Love Red Lobster yet the last I e i went with my hubby he was disappointed with the meal. Can’t get him back in there.

Wish I could afford it!!!

I love Red Lobster in the thing is they tell you to take these surveys and they will send you a gift card you take eight surveys and never get a car what is that

Looks, sooooo good! Wish there was one in Thunder Bay! Don't get to Duluth or Toronto often to enjoy!

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6 days ago

Red Lobster

Can't remember the question, but White Sangria is the answer. ... See MoreSee Less

Cant remember the question, but White Sangria is the answer.


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how long does lobster feast go for

go to red lobster all the time,this time i had to walk out place was crap,waited 45 mins just for salad and apps.No frozen drinks shrimp app raw and slimey,main was burnt too bad now need to find a new place, and didnt to eat and the gf was pissed so thanks for screwing up my nite

My family of five loves Red Lobster, so when I heard about the app and the rewards I was sold! Too bad the system is flawed! 🤨 the first time I tried to use rewards I earned from previous visit I was limited to use only one of my rewards even though it clearly says that you can use more than one. And IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Then on top of that the waitress had to take my email address, zip code, phone number and can’t remember what else because apparently some Red Lobster employees were using rewards to steal money. So I settled to use only one and left the rest for another day, which turned out to be Valentine’s Day. However my rewards, or gift (it was my birthday reward) was set to expire on this same day so I was ready to use it because I couldn’t use it on my bday as mentioned BUT since I had to wait almost two hours even with online wait list my bday reward disappeared. It was just gone. So when we finally sat at our table I mentioned it to the waitress fully prepared for rejection but the waitress kindly took a look at my app to see what she could do for us. Well what she did was redeem the last reward on my app which was not to expire until March. Why would she even open this reward? And instead of her mentioning that she erased my reward she just just handed back my phone and acted like nothing happened. So that is two rewards that I have lost and have nothing for it. I know it’s free food but I earned it according to your app. It’s the principle.

Planning a big birthday celebration for our Grandson with special needs. He has invited 20 or more people from town of all ages. Hopefully no horror stories will be to tell from his BIG day.

This drink was awesome! Now, if ya'll could please bring back lobster fondue, coconut shrimp bites, and make the nashville hot shrimp permanent on the menu, I would be in heaven! 😉

Do all of these people have to get tested for Hepatitis A now?? Dang. Seems as if not many read or watch the news. You NEED to post about the Hepatitis A so all of these people can get checked!!

How long does Lobsterfest last?

Experiencing the worst experience in your Reno NV restaurant as I’m typing this.

Maybe for my Birthday 🎂 March 28th 💜💜💜

My husband took me to the Valentine's Day Lunch, we arrived there before rush. It was empty inside. 🤘😎🤘 But took us 20min. to get to drink ordered 😨 , whitch I ordered THIS ONE was taste just like a waterlly pineapple juice 😵Order was Long wait n meal was WRONG n BURNT, and some missing items but all on the bill...took 2 hours to received a bill was not a plan today. 1st time visit but will never come back again...

i tell you what. This really looks fantastic but. i don't get how you make this. what is in this drink? I do love your cheddar biscuits and lobster. Plus those red blaster drinks you made are really exceptional. what consists of a sangria cup

Was so dissappointed when I tasted this drink. Tasted like pear syrup from a fruit cup with a hint of sprite. No wine at all. Years of terrible drinks at this location. Should've known.

I brought my grand baby and daughter there tonight for her birthday because she wanted lobster. The waitress was HORRIBLE didn’t refill water, didn’t bring rolls out for a long time, then when we didn’t tip her she didn’t bring our receipts I waited 20 min for a box and my receipt. I stepped to the parking lot and ran back to the table and my grand baby’s tablet was stolen by the waitress. She was the only one there and I wasn’t gone not even two minutes! Even the employees were saying that an employee had to have gotten the tablet. The one employee verified with the manager that I had to to be telling the truth because I come there often. I can’t believe someone would have taken her present that quickly and I can’t believe I passed up Kaplinger’s for her day out just to be robbed of something she wanted so badly. Heartbreaking to see her crying that someone would take a kids tablet.. SMH disappointed. It was not handled at all.

I have been going to Red Lobster in different places for years and have never had a bad experience with them!!

Love the Rock Lobster tail.! Always a great experience at Red Lobster. A standard for other restaurants.

This is my new favorite drink. Especially with peach.

Looks tasty never had it that way

Our experience at our Red Lobster the last time we went (2/15) was horrendous. Our silverware was clearly filthy as was my drink glass. My husband and I ordered these drinks, the sangria and the punch. We were supposed to get the glass and the charm and the waitress insisted that we had to pay for them. It took 20 minutes for them to even get our drink order and then another 25 minutes to bring it back out and get our dinner order and then dinner didn’t come out for 45 minutes or more. The whole experience was terrible for a 130$+ meal. We won’t be going back.

Please bring back raspberry cobler to your menu then I might return as a loyal customer like I was through all the '90s

My mother celebrated her 90th birthday today at Red Lobster. She said something funny after lunch. She said that she was still hungry after we left because they gave her one small piece of fish and she said that she was going to wait before eating it because she wanted somebody to come by the table and look at it.

Amber Mohammad Sadaf Baig I just don’t know anymore!!! On Thursday, Feb. 15, Peel Health inspected and closed down the Red Lobster located on 368 Queen Street East. The initial inspection took place on Feb. 14. The location was given a conditional pass due to several health hazards, including inadequate protection against pests, improperly storing food to prevent contamination, and improperly washing/sanitizing utensils. The restaurant was re-inspected and closed the following day.

At Red Lobster enjoying my 🥘 dinner

The red lobster punch is really good

Oh that is going to taste so good with my grilled Lobster. I'll see you on the 20th for my B'day!

Sangria and Lobster= great combo!

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