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3 days ago

Red Lobster

It's the last weekend to try Lobster and Waffles! #Lobsterfest ... See MoreSee Less

Its the last weekend to try Lobster and Waffles! #Lobsterfest


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That waffle and lobster doesn't sound or even look good. Who ever has been coming up with these new items i would get rid of them.unless your trying to hurt the company and make it go belly up

Had the lover's dream lobster tails and one tail was delicious and the other one didn't even taste like lobster at all.- the red one. Very dry and terrible. Also no more salad or even vegetables being served anymore. Red lobster isn't was it use to be. Terrible meal for the high price. Left hungry-Stop showing veggies on your plate cause its false advertising.

Just ordered dinner and found out NO SALADS Seriously WTF!!!!! So are we going to get a reduction in the dinner price?? I bet not....grrrrrrr

Nope. That's a waste of a perfectly good lobster, in my opinion.

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So Lobsterfest ends today?

This combination was such a great unexpected marrying of flavors. Love chicken and waffles and this was just one step above. #redlobster #lobsterfest #openthoselittlepeasantminds

Just a waffle with lobster on it no thanks

Was not good shrimp would be better everything tasted like breading waste of lobsters

That's a negative from me.

It might have been good had the allegedly crispy lobster tail I got not been soggy with the grease it was fried in. It just brought down the whole dish

That does not interest me. On the other hand could be tasty together😋

16% of this country is diabetic Couldnt you have at least one sugar free dessert??

Eww. I'd rather have steamed lobster tail with a steak. This ruins lobster in my opinion

If we come on Sunday the 22nd is lobster fest available until the end of the day?! Thanks!!

lobster yes, waffles yes, together no

Why would you ruin a lobster that way?

my husband had that last night it was amazing !

I love Lobster but definitely not with waffles.

OK RL the people has spoken thanks for the try but no to the food

Sounds terrible. Same as chicken/waffles. Yuck.. why ruin all of them?

RED lobster is the best place to eat anywhere.

Every time I’ve tried this my waffles has been burnt 😩

These aren’t normal waffles. They’re made like the biscuits. It wasn’t bad, but next time I’d just get the lobster.

I would love to try this Im a huge red lobster fan just wish we had them in Scotland 😢

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5 days ago

Red Lobster

ICYMI: If you need some help. 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

ICYMI: If you need some help. 😉


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We'll be at Lobster Fest tonight in Toledo for the Dueling Lobster tails.

One of our family members got married today. It was informal but there was about 20 people. I had called Red Lobster weeks ago only to be told they wouldn't take reservations but to have someone from the wedding party leave early and get our seating arranged. We did that only to have Red Lobster tell the person that they just had a party of 27 come in and it would be a long wait for us.

Now I want lobster. Thanks.

Not at this place! Thanks but no thanks👍

Red Lobster is my favorite place to eat. I make the hubby take me there for my birthdays!! He’s always trying to chance my mind but HA he never wins. 🤗

lobster fest is the best. Mom took me 3 times this month yummy

Whole Maine Lobster specials would be appreciated.

Red Lobster is The Best

This was actually quite helpful. I only ever got the shrimp because I didnt know how to really get at the lobster until now 😀

Open mouth, insert lobster, chew, savor, swallow, repeat.

My favorite

Our favorite seafood place! Love lobster and King crab, but my favorite is coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce. Sailor's platter is hubby's favorite lunch. Gettin' hungry just thinking about all this! 🙂

My favorite seafood place to visit. Love the lobster and crablegsand shrimp scampi.

Print larger so it can be read by everyone easily.

love to eat lobster, like it best in a casserole, lol


Can't you just use a sledgehammer one time to open it all up? lol I like lobster tail on its own. This is too much work for a meal . . . although the king crab legs are quite a bit of work, too.

Please do not cheap out on ingredients. You are no longer using real cheese in the ceaser salad, the mushroom caps no longer have crab in them just rice and broccoli and I heard the cheddar biscuit recipe may have been altered to save money. I was told by one of your employees it was because of the minimum wage increase. Please find a way to balance your expenses without losing quality or you might lose everything.

I like Lobster, but I would get the Lobster Linguine which I never had!😋 Love❤️ your Shrimp Linguine and Shrimp Scampi Red Lobster!😋

bring back the crunchy fish sandwich

Cesar Lopez so you can learn how to do it lol

Maybe someone can pass along some advice to RL on how to Cook lobster without destroying it? Yeah that would be great.

You didn't discuss the tamale, any of the inside of the body, nor the little legs, and how to harvest the meat out of these sections. Normally if I'm eating lobster I steam it at home, but was at your place for Lobster Fest a couple weeks back

There is no instructions for what is good to eat in the body. I had heard people talking about the "mustard"?

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6 days ago

Red Lobster

Hear from Skip Frisz from the Red Lobster team as he talks about how we source the highest quality lobster from our trusted suppliers. To learn more go to: ... See MoreSee Less


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Highest quality... yeah, it used to be. How about you explain the picture of my son’s lobster dinner “fresh” from the tank. The truly disgusting part was the manager who kept telling me this wasn’t lobster eggs, that they would be black. (Not at all correct) We paid, came home and threw all our food away.

we won't eat there anymore because the last 2 times we want the food that wasn't fried or the bisquits tasted zapped and like left overs, if i go out to eat it is a rear thing so i want food that doesn't taste old!

now were talking

The Red Lobster restaurant chain is the world's largest purchaser of Canadian seafood. One of Red Lobster's seafood suppliers, the Barry Group, owns Atlantic Marine Products, a large seal processing company. Commercial hunters kill 350,000 seals per year, and 97 percent of these seals are less than three months old. The seals are either shot or clubbed to death.

Just ate at the Red Lobster in Corpus Christi, TX. My friend had an allergic reaction after making it perefectly clear about her allergy to the spice on the broccoli. Manager Roger was more concerened about getting paid for the food she didn't get to eat than her health! I will never set foot in this restaurant again. If I hadn't have gotten my friend to benadryl, she could have died! Definitely not a rave review!.

I don’t often eat at Red Lobster but every time I do/did I had wonderful tasting food! Love the biscuits! ❤️

Your Shrimp Linguine and Shrimp Scampi is Yummy and Delicious Red Lobster!🤤😋

Thai exporter linked to slave labor invests in Red Lobster

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