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13 hours ago

Dave & Buster's

We're open on Thanksgiving with fun for the whole family! Find your store for local Thanksgiving hours: ... See MoreSee Less

Were open on Thanksgiving with fun for the whole family! Find your store for local Thanksgiving hours:


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When will the williwbrook, NJ location open? Very excited to see one less than an hour away from me.

That's ridiculous. It's the holiday! Let your employees have this day with their family!

2 days ago

Dave & Buster's

Get in shape to watch #JUMANJI in theaters December 20! Play 4 Games FREE* with $10 Power Card® purchase or reload!
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Gone there today.@5 pm. ( Columbia SC ) Sitting in a table for over 15mins. finally gone in front they said you can sit anywhere. Waited another 25+ min then a staff came and said you want to order. then got my order that took over30+min for just cheesesteak. and may i had took the deal of where you get $20 game play. Then staff came asked if you need anything else i said just the ticket. it took him another 25+ min again until i just went to a register to asked. Then a manage said we will find you someone and said we had 2 call in on our cook. As i am paying my bill i got charge an extra $3 for a card that i didnt need but came with the $20 but if i knew that before hand i would have given my card since i just got one before ordering he never ask for the card but just gave me the card. So i was thinking it was included with the deal. So PLEASE if you care about your customer it be nice that your staff say that to get your game play it you have a card or buy one not just hand you one and charge one. I know Dave and Buster need to make money but just adding in tab without actually telling them is wrong. Your staff did say I am sorry i didnt tell you. but it because he saw me trying to get my ticket so i can pay that he forgot to come back me. Thank you for taking my opinion. Training please on you deals and game play would be very nice. Just disappointed. But you place is a plus ..