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Olive Garden

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Our restaurants will be closed today but will be open again tomorrow. See you soon! ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Our restaurants will be closed today but will be open again tomorrow. See you soon! ❤️


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Olive Garden and their families. It’s great that you are closed so all the employers can spend time with their families on Thanksgiving. 🦃

Oh I will be visiting tomorrow during my shopping adventures! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there!

When are you going to provide the list of th winners of the trip tp Italy ???? many of us would like to know..

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the employees

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at the Olive Garden Family

Where the am I gonna get unlimited frozen breadsticks?!?

When does the Never Ending Pasta Bowl special end, want to come in before it's over.

Charlottesville, Virginia so needs an Olive Gardens...

Would be great if you had one in Kingston,Ontario Canada and we would love to try your menu

as a nom of an olive garden employee THANK YOU!

Victoria Lynn can we go back just for this 😔

Nice let's eat happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving OG !!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving

Forget the turkey! I’ll have this! ❤️

Thanks, likewise

Yum yum!!

Good for you!

Happy thanksgiving!



Johnny Weaver let go lol

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3 days ago

Olive Garden

Who are you thankful for? Share a slice with your pumpkin today! 💛 ... See MoreSee Less

Who are you thankful for? Share a slice with your pumpkin today! 💛


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Thanks for sharing your photo with us @jenaeblanchard!

Looks yummy and delicious!😋 Pumpkin cheesecake! Have never had it yet?

I'm thankful for my amazing, patient, loving husband! We'll be at our local Olive Garden tonight celebrating our 18th Anniversary!

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to have my dad and I have pasta passes. Thank you Olive Garden.

My hubby and I always share this dessert! Just had a slice last week fir our anniversary

YUM...looks GOOD! Can I have a slice or two??

I’m thankful I had a dream about eating at Olive Garden two nights ago and I’m taking this post as confirmation that I need to stop in very soon! 😂

Please bring Olive Garden to Walla Walla, WA! 😊

My kids and husband for helping me in this hard time after breaking my foot

The olive garden near me said it was no longer available and wouldn't be back til next year...

Was so excited to try this. My husband made a special trip just for this....Extremely disappointed! Looks so different from the picture online...😐

Please bring back the chicken marsala and grilled potatoes. It was my favorite and the only reason why I came to Olive Garden.

Went to our Olive Garden last night to celebrate my husbands birthday specifically for the pumpkin cheesecake, which is his favorite, and they were out of it, so disappointing.

At the beginning of the season, we ordered one. It was mostly frozen and tasted bad. Kind of like it was in the freezer for a year!

I haven't been to our local one because it is always full. We celebrate our anniversary on Valentine day and we don't get a chance. I am thankful for just being here and my wife. she was diagnosed with a tumor the beginning of the year and we are just waiting on her surgery next year. Thank you.

You definitely did not get the pumpkin cheesecake last time we were at Olive Garden they gave you something else ha ha Andrew Arnold

Teresa Marie Silva ummmmm so what day did we make plans for olive garden again? I forgot...🤔

I'm off my diet for one day & this is what I want for Thanksgiving!!! Can somebody make it for me??

Is it possible to purchase a whole pie for the holidays? If so price?

Are y’all going to have the Andes Mint Cheesecake this year?

We miss, miss, miss the raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.

Oh if only there was an olive garden in Hawaii

Is today the last day for the pumpkin cheesecake?

How long will i be able to buy this😍

Does olive garden actually have this on their menu!? My gosh that looks good!

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3 days ago

Olive Garden

If you post pictures of this pasta on your own FB page, your friends will probably think you're a famous foodie. Can you handle the fame? ✨ ... See MoreSee Less

If you post pictures of this pasta on your own FB page, your friends will probably think youre a famous foodie. Can you handle the fame? ✨


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I love Olive garden...we need you in Ontario Canada please!!!

this is my shrimp, ditalini and sweet pea dish I made 2 months ago!! ... your pics inspired me to take my pic 🙂 thanks!

I've been in the hospital for the past 5 days only allowed to eat jello and broth...Olive Garden is my favorite restaraunt and I can NOT wait to get out and eat some delicious 5 cheese baked ziti!!!

Challenge Accepted! My Olive Garden 8 Weeks of Pasta journey is now complete, and my friends are probably thankful for no more foodie pictures... I'll sneak some in, from time to time 🙂

we take out from the Inverness FL OG 3 times per week. excellent service and of course great food 👍 bring back veal parm 😀

i have been gone from Canada for two years the day I arrive back you will find me pigging out at the olive garden breadsticks salad and one of everything else lol I know exactly where it is in Edmonton so next year sometime airport timmies and olive garden.

🍝 pasta 🤔 it’s all about the breadsticks 😋

Yum john n I went there on our anniversary

Come to Cypress, Texas! There's money to be made here!!! It will be nuts if you come!

When you're trying super hard to stick to your diet and then see this! #droolworthy 🤤 😍 😋 🍝 🥗 🥖

I love olive Garden the best food

I just made 40 visits with my pasta pass over the last 8 weeks. I think my fb friends will enjoy the break. Lol

Today mu bday n can't wait go eat there today yum

Thank you olive garden for an amazing dinner last night I will come. There again

Here is my friends ticket and then my ticket next to it. Be sure to do your math as mine is the cheaper bill my tip recommended is more then the higher bill that belongs to my friend.

When is never ending pasta over?

Looks good but they got rid of my favorite dish so I stopped going

Went to our local Olive Garden, in Burlington NC, recently and had terrible service. Our waiter ignored us the entire time. We didn't have salt and pepper at our table, finally flagged him down, and then he never brought any. We had to borrow from another table. We were never asked if we wanted grated cheese on anything. We were automatically given a dinner menu. When we asked if we could have a lunch menu, the hostess said "yeah", then came back and put 1 on the table for the 3 of us to share. Terrible experience..

Unfortunately very disappointed with my last visit to Olive Garden. For years you have been one of my favorite restaurants, when I lived in CA we ate at the Northridge one A LOT. While living in TX we occasionally ate at the Burleson one. The food was always good, have been addicted to the bread sticks for 30 years. Last Sunday we were in Greenville, SC, and decided to eat at Olive Garden. My coffee was tepid, my chicken parmesan was over cooked, dry, and burnt around the edges. My friend was also underwhelmed by her meal. Not what we expect from Olive Garden.

Will not be going back to Olive Garden after this last weekend!! So no pictures here. I prefer my food hot not cold! Sent it still came back cold!

So mad that olive garden has stopped serving Chicken Marsella and roasted potatoes. T hey were the best. Stopped going there because of this

Not that we don't mind driving the less than 30 minutes it takes to visit your Bloomsburg, PA location... But you guys really need to open a location in Selinsgrove, PA You guys already have a successful Longhorn Steakhouse on the strip... Why not add another restaurant? 😉

I bet my wife would've liked trying this, too bad we've stopped going to Olive Garden anymore due to the removal of the only dish I cared for. Giant Sausage Stuffed Rigatoni.

i secretly told our waitress its was my wifes 31st birdday and ordered a piece a cake and she completely forgot about us 😕

What is this in the picture

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