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2 days ago

Olive Garden

How to make the perfect Lasagna:

Step 1: Pick your fav sauce.
Step 2: Add your topping.
Step 3: Eat it! 😍

Follow all the steps soon, because it's your last chance to get it!
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How to make the perfect Lasagna: 

Step 1: Pick your fav sauce.
Step 2: Add your topping. 
Step 3: Eat it! 😍

Follow all the steps soon, because its your last chance to get it!


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What dish is that

When I went a couple days ago I ordered that and the portion for the price was ridiculous 😑

When does it end?

Do you sell spaghetti sauce to go at Olive Garden

I want the garlic chicken back❀️

Ate there yesterday with my hubby in Arcadia.

I had mine in Victor Ny today, lasagna with meat sauce and mini meatballs! Delicious

Does this go till Sunday?

no!! wont get it again! it was a white cheese mess and could not even taste the sauce!!!+

Can’t help but love the OG. So good

Had a late lunch at the OG in St Cloud MN yesterday. Wonderful food as usual and fantastic service by Whitney.

Way to go Gary Trusheim

Annette Marie Stokes I love lasagna on my lasagna

This ends Sunday Olive Garden?

Love the O G in So Portland Maine! Can't get enough of the spaghetti, and salad!

Bring back the garlic asiago!

Mandy Watson are next food adventure

Yum looks good

mmmmm looks sooo refreshin fr the summer days ! 😊😊😊😊😊

yummy Omar Catornea makes the best meals at Olive Garden in Hickory,nc talk to me sometime!

Mmm.. Looks yummy

good food




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4 days ago

Olive Garden

What's your top topping? (Say that three times fast 😏)
A) Cheese Ravioli
B) Garden Veggies
C) Mini Meatballs
D) Grilled Chicken
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Whats your top topping? (Say that three times fast 😏)
A) Cheese Ravioli
B) Garden Veggies
C) Mini Meatballs
D) Grilled Chicken


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Why is this limited time only? I can never eat lasagna cuz of the tomatoes so the alfredo lasagna was perfect. Please consider keeping it. <3

Today we went to Olive Garden and once AGAIN my daughter went into a MAJOR allergic attack. Please start training your staff about what is in your food. Please, it could have been avoided.

This post literally made me order Choice A for dinner tonight. I cannot wait.

A. I wish there was an olive garden where I lived. The closest one is 30 minutes away.

A ... CHEESE RAVIOLI !!! have to go to Tampa or Lakeland for it tho 😒

Can I put in a vote to keep cheese lasagne? I know this is a promo, but straight cheese lasagne is impossible to find. πŸ™ I really hope I get there before the promo ends!

My wife and I finally had a day out and stopped by Olive Garden in Richmond In. We sat off to the right of the counter in the quiet but cozy bar area and were very impressed with the waitress that took care of us and served our meal. Both had the "Build Your Own Lasagna", which is wonderful. I had the Meat Sauce and mini Meat Balls, my wife had Cheese Sauce. It was more then we could possibly eat, we will finish it off today. Thank you Richmond Olive Garden and the lovely lady who served and took care of us. We will do that again real soon. πŸ˜‹

My husband and I went to the Olive Garden last night and once again I got so cold in there. When I got home it took me about 3 hours to warm up. We had all you can eat soup and salad. I drank water and he was having ice tea. The food was OK but I wish they would go back to using the romaine lettuce in the salad. The soup was chicken gnocchi. That was a joke. There was 3 gnocchi's in each one of our bowls. We both asked for another bowl and got the same amount. After that I was done and I asked the waiter if there was a shortage on them. He just looked at me and left the table. Will not be going back. As far as our clothes we had long pants on and still FROZE.

oh its most definitely A the cheese ravioli

D, this is the best place to eat. Wish I lived closer to an Olive Garden

I had the regular lasagna Wednesday. It was so good, I wouldn’t change it. The Alfredo sounds interesting.

D. But there are ZERO! Olive Garden by the oregon coast. Nearest is salem and about hour and half away at least. Worth every mile and gas but we are heavy tourist. Could use one in Newport or Lincoln City.

The food is wonderful no matter how it is put together! The lasagna is out of this world! πŸ˜€πŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’–

Mine didn’t even look close to B I wanted a veggie topping but it was 90% sautΓ©ed tomatoes, so much for garden veggies.

We went last night to The Olive Garden in Gastonia, NC and we both had the Lasagna Mia with the Mini-Meatball topping and it was AWESOME!!! We also had our favorite Chicken and Gnocchi soup. It could be 500 degrees outside and we would still get that

I loved the stuffed pasta dishes; sad that they were a limited-time thing. Any plans on bringing them back anytime soon?

I wish there was an Olive Garden near i live the closest one is 40 mins away

A.. Wish there was an Olive Garden closer then 45 minutes away

I miss Olive Garden soo much!! Husband is stationed overseas. We live in Japan. Could really go for soup salad breadsticks and one of everything!!

I have to give kudos out to Manager Ms. Kathy in Fort Collins, we came in for this special and she helped make what started out a bit rough, a much better experience to the level I know Olive Garden to be. Thanks!!!

A C or D. I think I'm made of 90% pasta, cheese, and sauce lol. I grew up on pasta since my family is Italian and my great grandmother was born in Italy

A & C with lots of salad and bread!πŸ˜› delicious & love it! My all time favorite in your restaurant is Chicken & shrimp carbonara πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ never order different dish ever... We come to your restaurant more often & my family wishes we have one close to our home. We need one in Land O lakes/ Wesley Chapel area. There's no good Italian restaurant in the area....πŸ‘πŸ€žπŸ˜‹

C) The mini meatballs!

c but i might try something different next time we come

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1 week ago

Olive Garden

If this isn't on your list of best summer accessories this year, we don't know what to tell you... 🍷 ... See MoreSee Less

If this isnt on your list of best summer accessories this year, we dont know what to tell you... 🍷


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I used to go to Olive Garden, but stopped going because of the HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in your salad dressing. This makes me sick and I am not allowed to have your salad which I loved. Why can't you take this dangerous item from your salad dressing?

I want this

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to Olive Garden. I’m overdue for some breadsticks 🀀

Olive garden Enfield CT is the BEST!

I was at Olive Garden in Charleston West Virginia for lunch today it was awesome. ❀️❀️

I’ll be there tonight

I'm wicked happy today. Got my Ravioli's with meat sauce, loved it. Still have some left for another meal.

I went yesterday and I had a really bad experience during lunch πŸ˜” I went for lunch and I paid like dinner. I could complain but I didn’t want to affect the waitress. However, even the ravioli si portobello was not that good. Olive Garden used to be great, but not anymore...

Bring back the Chocolate Baci Cakes please!

I love you Olive Garden!

When are you going to bring back the black truffle dishes?πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

I love tour of Italy..I order it every time I go there...

Me to I love ❀️ Olive Garden

I always get the ravioli do portobello, and I love it, but I think your culinary team should come up with a vodka sauce! It’s my favorite sauce to make at home πŸ˜‹

Anyone else sad that they no longer have the regular chicken Marsala? That was my regular dish man 😩 bummer

I went to Olive Garden last week and the waitress was amazing I am upset I dont remember her name.

Love Olive Garden.

BRING BACK THE GARLIC ASIAGO and stop holding it hostage

My favorite place, just got a gift certificate for my birthday from Bruce, will have to use soon after seeing this! Thanks Kathy!!!!

Love❀️ your Pasta Olive Garden! Also your Minestrone soup and of course your breadsticks! Everything is Yummy and Delicious!πŸ€€πŸ˜‹ What dish is that?

Olive Garden can you help me convince Ally Parker to come with me to visit you tonight?

I like Olive garden I like the shrimp Alfredo and raspberry lemonade

good food

I never had a bad meal at Olive Garden.

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