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Olive Garden

A truly special, very important milestone in a person's life: your very first Never Ending Pasta Bowl. 🍝 ... See MoreSee Less


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Looks like the portions keep going down and down lol

Hi! I went to use my pasta pass today and I was told I couldn't take any of my leftovers Togo? What's the policy? And where is it?

1st meal @ Olive Garden with my #neverendingpastapass during my lunch break (yay for an Olive Garden in town). 1295 calories, as I have an arbitrary rule of no meals over 1300 calories since losing 60 pounds this year. Should have been $14.82 but cost me $0 (not including tip). 3 breadsticks, pasta fagioli, and (ate half) fettuccini with asiago garlic alfredo sauce and chicken fritta topping. If I continue to eat twice a day for the duration of the promotion, this $100 pass will give me $1,659.84 worth of food. Already have my dinner planned of 1299 calories with rigatoni, 5 cheese marinara, romano and italian sausage. I plan to stay within my alloted LoseIt calories during the next 8 weeks, which is roughly 2600 calories/day not including exercise calories.

this was a long time ago.. but the waiter handed me my check after my first bowl and then I was mad because its suppose to be never ending .. then embarrassed for being mad (like I was a hog or something) and ive never ordered it again. like you have to beg for the another pasta. I rarely have been back to the og since either. something always goes wrong

Please send me the drink recipe for Milian Mai Tai

Is Buy One,Take One over?

James Soto De Mayor

Enjoyed using my NEPP today in Austin. Server was hilarious food was enjoyable 😍 no complaints. Thanks OG!

Ryan Cardenas I can't wait until we hit up Olive Garden on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

I was there today enjoyed it.

My favorite restaurant and I never had to complain about the portions!!

I have passes for me and my dad we will be there tonight super excited.

They have amazing their minestrone soup

We need an Olive Garden date soon, John Yacks Jr.’n

I love Never Ending Pasta Bowl!

kicking it off here in California!!

My 1st refill on my nepp of 2017 lol.

And so it begins. 🍝🥗🍝🥖🍝 #NeverEndingPastaBowl


I’m gonna try it Friday

Ayyy. I’m going in today with my card!


Yum yum!!

Zack Yarnevic tomorrow babe 😍😍😍😍😍😍

good good good

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2 days ago

Olive Garden

What's better than creating your own pasta bowl? Let us tell you... not much. ... See MoreSee Less

Whats better than creating your own pasta bowl? Let us tell you... not much.


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Can't wait til tomorrow! #neverendingpastapass

we will be down in about 3 weeks...yum...the spaghetti last time was simply delish

Disgusted by the terrible customer service. Had a horrible take out experience with a store... called the store.. kept on hold for half an hour. Emailed Olive Garden days ago. Still no response. Private messaged on here. Still no response.. I will never bother to waste my money here again

I used to love to come to Olive Garden to eat your Parmesan shrimp now you don't have it anymore disappointing

I'm really disappointed in my last visit to og I have been 2x in the last month the first time I ate in getting the lobster ravioli which I love 2 weeks later I got it to go and the portion I got was less than 1/2 of what I got in the restaurant and my breadsticks were cold😑 less than impressed

just went there for my b'day. ordered the large shell cheese dinner. after a while the manager came out and said they were out. ordered something else (just as good) but they gave me my dinner free for the inconvenience....

Please tell your Burbank location to make a couple extra vats of the potato soup for tomorrow. I'll be in around 11am with my pasta pass.

You need to offer spaghetti squash (or something similar) as a low carb option. I'd love to come in and "all I can eat" if I wasn't watching carbs for medical reasons!

So do you still have that buy one take one home deal for $12.99 ??? And when is that going to end ???

After the experience I had at an olive garden this weekend, I can think of lots of better things

Is the buy one take one deal still going on at the Oxnard location?

Do we have any vegetarian pasta bowl? I wud love to give it a try..

You guys should get rid of the olive garden in greeley co

Is the never ending pasta bowl only for people with passes?

So like can I order the soup and breadsticks and take the pasta home?¿

Bring back the angry alfredo sauce!

What do I bring tomorrow if my pass doesn't arrive?

Gluten free options please!

A better variety of sauces

I'm dying until tomorrow

Buy one take one ends?

Was just at your Victor NY location yesterday 😊. Took advantage of your buy one-get one. Spaghetti for lunch, Alfredo to go!!

I always enjoy olive garden. The waiters and waitresses are always so nice. I ask what their favorite thing on the menu is and try it. And it's always awesome!!

I don’t have the pass but still looking forward to my favorite deal of the year - and a birthday freebie to claim along with it!

I had angel hair pasta and meat sauce yesterday at Olive Garden. It was delicious!!

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4 days ago

Olive Garden

Look tempting? Sorry not sorry—Cookie Butter Cake is totes worth it. ... See MoreSee Less

Look tempting? Sorry not sorry—Cookie Butter Cake is totes worth it.


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I tried this last weekend, it was good. Took home the leftover and found out it tasted even better after sitting at room temperature for a while longer. Very yummy.

Say pumpkin cheesecake and now you're talking!!!

Is this a real thing?!?😋

See you Monday Olive Garden in Gurnee!!

PLEASE DO NOT!!! take the cookie butter cream cake off the menu!!!! im not emotionally ready yet.

Still waiting on that pumpkin cheese cake!

My husband and I shared a piece last weekend for our anniversary... Delicious!

I saw cookie butter shakes at one of the fast food burger chains, I thought it was someone misspelling "cookie batter" which also sounded weird but made more sense.... What is cookie butter???

I used to LOVE Olive Garden....unfortunately 3 consecutive, increasingly bad experiences at our local restaurant have left me with a "bad taste in my mouth". 😞 The cake looks amazing though.

Olive Garden You asked me to send you a PM with my info and nobody have replied back to me.... I really need someone to contact me or the number on how to contact you guys

Good to know Olive Garden is still around and posting. From their ability to resolve my wife's Pasta Pass issue, I was beginning to think they were out of business.

I went to olive garden the other day with my family the lobster ravioli was really salty i told the wintrest she told me i could get a free dessert i ask for this one but they end up giving me another one that it was really bad!! Not planning to eat there again!!! They dont give you what you ask they gave you what they want!!!

Just my humble opinion but it's a no for me. My husband and I had this a couple weeks ago and it was dry and the cookie butter was almost tasteless. Surprising cause every other OG dessert is so seriously good. No dice on this one. 🙁

Why is there no Olive Garden in Columbus MS? We need you!

Bring back the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake!!

Brian back the pumpkin cheesecake! And I will be there

Forget this....where's that Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake?!?!?!

Buy one and take a dinner home free. Do u still have it on Monday thanks from Bloomingdale oh,

Is Olive Garden coming to Sedalia, Mo?

When will you have the Pumpkin Cheesecake? So yummy!!! 😍

My husband 's birthday today is it free cake or dessert when I pick the orders today ?

Bringing my son there tonight for his 26th birthday.

Olive Garden. You're killing me here. Tom Collins

Robin M. Williams never had cookie butter but this looks good lol

I neeeed the pumpkin cheesecake! 🎃😍😍

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