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Olive Garden

When you realize your cheat meal is still less than 600 calories: 🙌🙌🙌 ... See MoreSee Less

When you realize your cheat meal is still less than 600 calories: 🙌🙌🙌


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Had it tonight. Portion size not worth the money. Too bad I won't be going back for it again because the service sucked!

overpriced pre-made food that can be microwaved...explains how chain restaurants had food taste the same regardless=cuz it's pre-made.not gonna deny it's taste good.

But LOADED with carbs!!

I like that you have pesto pasta sauce now. I also like that you now have zucchini spirals too

omfg that looks amazing!! ... I love the pic quality.. you're like right there in front of it! .. ty for this.. 🙂

Are you putting this back on the menu permanently? It was a favorite of mine when I worked at OG years ago!

That looks delicious what dish is that?

I like it, but it was much better with the farfalle pasta!!

What meal is this? I wish you would put weight watcher points on these meals😁

Does anyone know what this is called

Really and looks so good and nice photo

That does look yummy. What is name dish?

I order that the other day and had to return it, it's too salty.

This looks delicious minus the chicken what is this ?

looks like it needs a little alfredo sauce.... Hmmm

I love you Olive Garden. Quit tempting me! I can’t have noodles/pasta for lunch regardless if it’s less then 600 calories.

I’ve enjoyed this the last couple of Olive Garden visits, took it to-go the last time and split it with a friend who raved about it also. 🤗 I sure do miss the apricot chicken though, that had been a personal favorite for years 😭

Anyone know what these noodles are called?

Oh to have one of those salad bowls again! #dreams x

I miss this restaurant but I can’t eat carbs now ...🙁

I had this on my daughter's birthday and wasn't real happy with it. I brought it home and ended up tossing it out the next day

I want the broccoli chicken pot pie back

Need the smoked mozzarella chicken as a regular part of the menu.

Gotta try this long as there is NO corn in it..

Had this and mine did not look like that! It was awful!

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3 days ago

Olive Garden

Our philosophy: lunch without limits. 😋 ... See MoreSee Less

Our philosophy: lunch without limits. 😋


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Went for lunch after church yesterday. Food good as always. Had a minor issue but I've contacted yall already via your website.

Wish there was an Olive Garden in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

So when you are you coming to your senses and opening up on in Johnstown, PA????

Just went this past week and it was great soup and salad ' and of course the breadsticks . Great servers also so friendly and very pleasant ! Love Olive Garden '

What is the soup pictured here? Looks delicious!

Sister and I went to lunch at the North Haven Ct. Walked in and was being seated far away, i was arrying oxygen tanks and asked to sit closer. Without skipping a beat she accomendated right away. Can't brag enough about the staff. They are very courteous and made our lunch a time a pleasure. Love Olive Garden ! ❤

Olive garden used to be a nice place go to on a date ,but now its more like dennys Kids running around everywhere the glasses are dirty and service is horrible . At Least thats how The Turlock and Modesto locations have been.

We could use a "Mini" Olive Garden in Fremont, Ohio!!!☺️😋

Looks so Delicious!! You all need to open a restaurant near McCook, NE

I haven’t been to Olive Garden in a long time I miss there good food

Do they have an allergy awareness menu?

My favorite restaurant ❤️ I love Olive Garden !!

We need one in Sault Ste. Marie MI also! The closest one is 2 hours away

Olive is my BIRTHDAY and this is where I am going ...ANY SPECIALS ???

We need an Olive Garden up around Hannibal Missouri or Quincy Illinois. Columbia Missouri is the closest for us.

Celebrated my birthday there today with my sister and nephew. Great food, great service

Used to love olive garden after Saturday night i wont be going back

Great management & servers at the one in Mt Juliet TN. Food & Service is tops.

Olive Garden you make me suffer when I have trips to remote locations, all I can think about is your food, I'm about to hit y'all up when I get home 😣

Coming to visit in like an hour, nom nom nom!

Yet you guys took regular chicken Marsala off the menu!

I wish that was available via GrubHub or UberEats.

Stop doing this to me 😭😭😭

Olive Garden is ❤

I love Olive Garden!!! One of my favorites 😉

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4 days ago

Olive Garden

You’re allowed one cheat meal today, but no one said it couldn’t be unlimited. 😏 ... See MoreSee Less

You’re allowed one cheat meal today, but no one said it couldn’t be unlimited. 😏


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Thanks for the great photo from one of our fans: @prettynpetty_kie

Olive Garden is my favorite restraurant but the last few times I’ve been disappointed. I always get chicken Alfredo and it seems they put less and less sauce on it. You mix it through and it doesn’t even cover the pasta. Then if I want so called extra sauce they charge me almost $3.00. In the end I’m paying $20 for a dinner and it’s not even that much! It never used to be like that!

Too bad it is all just heated up in the back, and not actually cooked.

They start at 11.99 but come on that's only the spagetti. We wanna know what the good choices actually cost

Og is my favorite place to eat!! The soup is my fav I usually just eat that the whole time and bring my entree home hahaha it's like two meals in one

What is this dish called??

best restaurant, food is great and fresh

Is this the dinners that were on the Never Ending Pasta special with additional meat dishes added to the menu? I love my alfredo!

All you can eat as long as you keep paying extra for each plate you get!!

Is it all you can eat chicken Alfredo

Looks so yummy. Wish ur sauce didnt have nutmeg in it. Dry pasta isnt as tasty

when will there be one on staten island

Went last night in Orange city Fl. Loved my after dinner coffee.

Oh wow that looks amazing!

Unlimited? I was told That the Olive Garden in Bridgewater was no longer offering unlimited pasta dishes anymore?

When is the unlimited pasta deal?

Eh i just recently ate at olive garden last week to try your new nachos and they were good. But our server rushed us so fast. Like I ordered the endless lasagna and before I could even ask for another serving of it she brings us our check. And also never brought us breadstick until I finally asked for them. Also does olive garden not give out the mints anymore? Because we haven't received them the last 3 times we have been.

Love OG, just wish we didn't have to drive 100 miles to eat at one. I always order the Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo. It is always so great. My mouth is watering just thinking of it LOL My husband likes the lasagna and the breadsticks. We both like the salad also.

Been there twice this last week alone. Once for Valentine's Day and the other for my birthday today!

Going tomorrow for the chicken alfredo..yum

Oh my goodness I love the Olive Garden my boyfriend loves the soup and salad combo I eat the salad he eats the soup we usually get some sort of pasta dish please do some sort of promotion

We just came home from Olive Garden. It was delish! We originally were going somewhere else but my 2 year old granddaughter said she wanted Olive Garden spaghetti so there we went. We had a great meal! We love Olive Garden!

We were just there in Redding. It was so good, and our waiter Chris was very nice.

Salmon Piccata and Chicken Parmesan on Valentine's Day for our 48th anniversary. Delicious!! Place was super busy in Lewisville, Texas but our waiter was attentive, funny and wonderful!!

Chicken fettuccine Alfredo with unlimited bread sticks and salad is going to be my cheat meal end of April

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