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IHOP® National Pancake Day® is February 27th, come into IHOP® for a free short stack of pancakes. ... See MoreSee Less


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lets get this right its not free its a short stack of pancakes and if your humane make a donation to the childrens miraclew netwerok.. however i work for ihop and i see how many people dont even donate cause the majority are high school kids or college kids looking for something free

As the Nations leader in Pancakes, I am very disheartened to see that you still do not have a gluten free option at your locations! My family no longer frequents IHOP because not all of my family can consume your pancakes. Please add this option to your menu #ihopglutenfreepancakepetition

Move to Medford, Oregon

I called this morning to place a to-go order for Swedish crepes (I tried to place the same order yesterday but was told there was "no cook") and was informed that to-go orders had to be made online. OK, cool. I place my order online and was told it would be ready at 5:17 AM. I showed up at 5:20. I was told the order would be up soon. At 5:35, it still wasn't up. There was ONE table (that I could see) in the entire restaurant. When I asked the hostess/cook about my order, that should have been ready 20 minutes ago, the cook informed me that he was "working on another ticket" and hadn't even made the batter for my crepes. At 5:40, I noticed that he still hadn't started on my crepes and was handling someone's waffles with his bare hands, so I asked for a refund. I was told that, because I was forced to order online, I could not have a refund. I will never return to this establishment. E.v.e.r. again. And if a manager could contact me about my refund, that would be great.

When are you opening in Jackson, MI.

SaMia Ammad lets goo

Brenda E. Arevalo

Lynae Collier

How is it going? We've just liked your page. If you have some spare time we hope you can check out our page and kindly "Like" back our page if that's fine with you. Make it a great day and have a nice weekend, thanks!

IHOP I have been told your name is international house of pancakes... where is there a location in korea? I'm really craving some now.

Clairice Melchert lunch after scene study on Tues?

Let’s go again babe??😛❤️ Edwin Genchi

Claire Martin I think we could make it between your class and our one on one

Yasmin Heaney educating you on American culture

Bailee Emmerson wanna do this?

Happy Birthday to you Lisa!!!! Lol


Svenja Ba should we go??😏🤩

Patrick, Pancake 🥞 Day & my birthday.... and we‘ll be in NYC 🗽 whohoooo!

Jet Vega we haven’t been in a while Norka Pardo let’s gooooo

I heard IHOP is covering everyone’s bill on the 29th.... 😂

Dan Kraus Art I'm off this day we should go when you're off work 😄

Katie Malseed just in time for us going to New York!!! 😋

Elizabeth Reynolds date night? It’s early this year 😱♥️

She’s Brianne Driesen on Tuesday let go to souix city free

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I am so there. I love National Pancake Day.

This day is gonna be the worst day at my work ☹️ ima be so tired , I hope costumers realized that we don’t get paid as much in a check. But I guess is just one day . Ps: if y’all going to an Ihop to get your stack, at less give a dollar for donations, dont go just for free , cuz is for a cause not for fun 😊

Ihop can we make national omelette day?

Esmeralda Carrera we are going at 8 lol

We've been to this in the past and it's really sad that folks would come in for a meal and not leave ANYTHING.........Tom tipped a waitress that wasn't even waiting on us cuz 4 teenage girls ate free and walked out last year.

Sahara Kiana Richison

Terry Patterson

I love Buttermilk Pancakes with some maple syrup & some bacon strips.

IHOP please open in the UK - we have pancake day and we need you to supply us with your amazing pancakes!!!

Alondra Blanco Pita Pina Marillis Lara Brenda Martinez are you ladies ready for our annual trip???

Priya Patel Mariyam Imtiaz YALLL... lets go

The first part of my Birthday every year is IHOP and the Tooty Fruti pancakes. I always get great service, and food, at my IHOP, Apple valley, MN. Keep up the great work!🍳🍽️🎖️

Can I bring my puppy? His name is Pancake and he loooooooves them 😂🥞

I did 5 pancake days. Some pulling double shifts. And I have to say it brings the worst kinds of people out.

Two pancakes is all I can handle, IHOP @ Mission Grove, Riverside has two of the best morning waitresses I've ever known, Katie & Carmen are the 👍best.

Donna Cariker FREE PANCAKES! Let's all go!!!

Arti Mistry Sammi Kim Natalie Khalil WE'RE GOING TO IHOP!!!!

I'm so there

Don we don’t really like pancakes but like it’s pancake day...aaaannndd they’re free lol

I love pancakes

Shelby Odum Despain lets go

Kaitlyn Mycyk put this on the calendar!!!

Chase Richey Kristy Richey can we pleaseeeee go

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Omelettes omelettes omelettes with pancakes pancakes pancakes ... See MoreSee Less


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No way I could eat pancakes and their omelettes- they are HUGE!

first off playing Guns N Roses at 6:45 pm at a family restaurant on a Sunday evening not great. I am a big fan of metal band GNR but not when trying to enjoy a Sunday dinner with grand kids. went in at 6:15 pm Sunday with 4 adults 2 children parking lot half empty as well as the tables and were told 15 min wait for a table. after 30 min and a complaint to host finally got a table that had been empty the entire time. meanwhile I watched numerous couples walk in and leave because they were told 15 minute wait. the place was half empty! placed order at 7:15 pm food came out at 7:50 again not busy and several employees just standing around in groups of 5 chatting. my plate ice cold and sent back , daughters plate had hair in the tomatoes sent back. by the time they came back with my new omelet I had finished my pancakes and 2 cups of coffee very slow! by the time they came back with my daughters food we were all done and ready to leave because it was 8:20 pm I watched 2 different waitress apologize to tables and a manager intervene on one. we did not get to see the manager and were only offered a lousy $3.50 discount for what I don't know. we put our food in to go boxes and left , worst $50 we have ever spent and even worst host and cooking service. we should have left when we walked in the door but for sake of not causing a seen in front of my grand kids I let it go but we will never return and would not recommend it to anyone. and your customer service hotline is a joke

Love their pancakes! 😍😍

Please get a new cook in Newark! He/she can't even cook simple pancakes properly! My pancakes yesterday morning were raw!

👎This location in N. Broad St. of Elizabeth, NJ is by far one of the worst locations to visit for an enjoyable dining experience. 👎

I had an issue and file a complain also got a case number already since 2/6, guess what? Nobody has solved it yet

Great restaurant but the floors are horrible. They do not change the floor wAter when they come from the kitchen to main floor. They need to really get the grease out of the floors!!! The bathrooms floor are horrible to!!!

I have been there five times and all five times they have screwed up no more for me

I loved the Turkey Abocado Benny, please bring it back to the menu. I still ask for it but they always have to ask the manager if it can be done. Thank you.

IHOP is finally coming to Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Yeah! Finally a good restaurant. I am a bit concerned about some of the bad reviews I read.

Swedish Crepes! What I always love love

jackie has nothing but bad things of the new one by mall

Angela man muss in den USA mind. einmal im ihop frühstücken 😍 die haben die besten Omletts und Pancakes🤣

Had breakfast with mama and Steph my sis Angel couldn't make it but I got her food....LOVE Y'ALL ANGEL MAMA AND STEPH

Miss your Pacific coast highway one Original furniture still Thier. New 7-11 bring back I hop to Pacific coast highway!!!! So messed...

your guest relations number is a joke and waste of time. I was directed to contact the Muskegon Mi IHOP they had there chance to make it right when my family was there. I sent a email and have not had a response I SHOULD HAVE HAD MY ENTIRE $50 MEAL COMPED without even having to ask! we never seen the manager was to busy making rounds to other tables apologizing to customers. after 2 hours we sent back 2 plates one with hair in it. we ended up packing the food and leaving. its still in my fridge no one wants to eat it. we were not given any receipts for our visit I am sure the manager and staff remember us being there we were the only family with 2 ladies in power wheelchairs which I am guessing is why it took so long for us to get a table at a half empty restaurant. the staff seamed confused like they were not sure how to seat us and it was embarrassing to my 2 daughters in the wheelchairs. they told us 15 minute wait ended up being 30 minutes and then seated us at a spot that had been empty. are you kidding me! overall one of the worst experiences we have ever had at a restaurant

My favorite is the Bacon Temptation Omelet!!

Is it true the ihop in tillmans corner is closing?

Que cree Cielo Azul.pero ahora ke he cAmbiado mis habitos alimenticios ya no me apetece mucho IHOP

We want an IHOP in Valparaiso, Indiana

Still waiting for our ihop to b built

Never got my birthday pancakes email

Ana Barrios Lanfourd, haber cuando vamos a tomar un café,

OMG!!!! Going 😋😋😋😋 Definitely 😋😋😋

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