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Introducing King’s Hawaiian® Strawberry and Banana French Toast. *Cue angelic choir music ... See MoreSee Less


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I really like that IHOP thats so good i might have to try your pumpkin pancakes .

IHOP Rocks First time I Have Ever Been 2 One. Had The French toast with Strawberries and. Bananas out Of This World. I’ll Be Back That Is For Sure

I won't be eating at IHOP again unless you pull your advertising from the propagandists at Fox. They are now involved in the Trump/Russia scandal and a reputable company should not be paying them ad dollars.

Spending some family time at IHOP

These were amazing! Don't knock it 'till you try it!

Ate dinner there tonight. Waited for 40 minutes for our food then it was cold and the waiter was rude and ignored us. We come here all the time but tonight was a let down...would not recommend this IHOP as it seems to be going down hill.


Food is great however it's a shame that the service is lacking due to improper staffing. What kinda manager staffs one waitress at prime diner time hours?

Ramona Koch 😍🙌🏼

Obaida DaqaWhen are you going to eat there?

Not bad but i wouldn't order them again. What I loved was getting our breakfasts served on hot plates and our food staying warm and tasty.

Do kids still eat free on Wednesdays?

Vincent James Clark OMG !!!

Emily Mee Can't wait for you to treat me!❤️

Cant wait

Oh Loïc, alors même pas une dernière fois avant la tripoulette 😍😁pleaseuh monsieur !!!!🤗

is the 50c pancake thing true?

They are really good!!

Looks yummy

Is this Real?

Abdisalan SeeRabtaa Abti you need to try this for me Haha. I still thinking about IHOP haha 😂

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6 days ago


French Toast made with King’s Hawaiian® Sweet Rolls? Get a closer look at IHOP®. ... See MoreSee Less


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Last Friday, April 13 ... I arrived early for an appointment and realized I had time for breakfast first and the IHOP was around the corner. Hostess seated me and gave me a menu. 10 minutes later still no service, no coffee, no water ... I saw the person who was supposed to be my server and waived him over. He started to approach but someone else waived him down and he went to their table first. I got up and left. There was a homeless man sitting on the curb next to the restaurant. He asked for some spare change. I reached into my wallet and gave him the $5 that would have been the waiter's tip. WTF!!!

Lucero Garza Karina Garzas Daniela Chapa

Hey IHOP, I recently enjoyed the blueberry pancakes at your Kenner, LA location; however, I believe I’m not going to patronize that establishment anymore. The greeters and some staff have poor hospitality attributes. I was sitting in the waiting to be serve area for about 10 minutes, with my daughter, before we were actually acknowledge. When I was acknowledge, the staff member needed to come back; however, a family of nine abruptly walked in and were seat as they walked in. The lady to seat my party acknowledge I was to be seated first but I reluctantly allowed the staff member to follow through with his decision without incident. It was an inconvenience due to the staff not acknowledging me and not promptly serve. I actually watched servers walked pass and not say a word. Party of nine came in, You have staff smiling and willing to serve. Anyhow, the staff member apologized stating his understanding of me being a take out order. I told him, he wouldn’t have known for he never asked. You all have a good day, now! I hope you’ll be able to reach out to that facility and attend to those hospitality issues. That’s just attempting to be seated, I wonder the entire experience for others.

Adi Somech Edrey Amiram Edrey i miss IHOP😫 Sepideh Yadidi

Shout out to IHOP in Florence, SC, where our family of 5 had breakfast today! When we got the bill, my husband said it looked way too low. He asked our server, Chevonne, if there'd been a mistake. She said, no sir--I gave you a discount for being a firefighter. (He was wearing his SHVFD t-shirt.) He said, that's very kind, but I'm just a volunteer. She said, well--all the more reason then. How kind! Thank you, Chevonne & IHOP, for a great breakfast and for gratitude that will last long after. ❤

Can't support a business that pays FOX for advertising.

Well I was trying to get them but they don't have them. We order and the waiter came back saying theres no Hawaiian bread! Thats the reason why we came, to try them.

I got close enough to eat there yesterday...HORRIBLE!! Food made me sick, and no one wanted to serve us, then my daughter's food was wrong. She didn't eat till she got to the mall. Thanks IHOP. Plumb horrible!! Look how nasty dirty this coffe carafe I reallly want to be served in that. My tea tasted like it came from the bottom of the bucket!! $24.00 for nothing. HORRIBBLE!!

Phrisila Anguiano down???

I had the strawberry. I wouldn't order it again. Not bad but kind of clunky and "bready".

I've always used the rolls in kings Hawaiian..cut them in's good.

I had the strawberry banana was delicious!

Sean Adams LOOK

Claire Campo I know you want this!!!!

Totally yummy!!!!

Iré a probarlas

Wendy Infante llévame mi amorrrr

Luis Villanueva vamos manana 🤤

Uh oh Tara Foley

So overrated!

I would love to try these soon Rud Kari. ☺️.

Racist... Rude... and Disrespectful

Adam Parise, Erwin Alex Paxtor

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1 week ago


Behold the delicious glory of the new King's Hawaiian French Toast Combos. ... See MoreSee Less


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I just ordered pancakes and sausage via Uber eats...I received pancakes and salad!

Please run commercials glamorizing healthy menu choices

My first order of pancakes were cold and burnt. The waiter took them back and in less than a minute I received three more pancakes that were not burnt......but they were paper thin and cold. Since when does IHOP precook pancakes? The manager took the cost off the check. The pancakes were not IHOP standards. Precooked thin and cold. Also, the wait was atrocious. My wifes chicken plate was cold too. Terrible. Hire more cooks and send them to Bob Evans to learn how a pancake should look like and taste like, thumbs down and we will not be back!

Not going back Was there this past wednesday, They we're not busy. I got my 2 eggs & toast , had to ask for my bacon & hash brown hash. They finally gave me my potatoes, but they were not the one with onions & peppers , so I had to wait Again.And still no bacon. Husband asked for catsup(never got it) when we got our first round of food, He got his salade when he asked for it after he finished his burger & o rings, He ordered French dressing and got Ranch, they didn't know if they had french! Had to ask the hostess for more coffer, while waiting all this time. OMG. 26.00 bucks no more BOGO. Nope not going back.

Zeina Karam Rodin Rivas Reine Mrad Roula Mrad miss the chocolate chip pancakes lol

Still haven’t gotten my free meal email after joining the club a week ago...

A little skimpy on the gravy on your new Biscuits and Gravy dish. It should cover the biscuit at least.

Excellent concept.. Can't wait to try it.

Lorena Lucatero breakfast?

How about coupons?? I used to get them in my emails all the time. Scrolling thru my emails to find dinner options for my family to eat tonight and can't find any I hop coupons.... Bummer

When are cinnastacks coming back (and would you consider them for the kids menu)? I have a little one who misses them dearly.

When you pull your ads from FOX so called news, then we can talk about me supporting your business again.

Julie Harford Thompson omgggg 🤤

Hello, my and my sis have birthday next week. We wanna step by to Ihop in Miami. Should we let u know before? 🤔

Thank you for bringing back stuffed French toast. Little did you know but I boycotted until you guys brought it back. I am here now and enjoying the awesomeness you guys decided to take away for several months. Thanks for bringing it back




mmmmmm lol Brenda Garber

Yvonne Kyrie Joey...


Joe dinner Thursday 🎂🎁

Arlene Alvarez 😍😍😍

Adam Parise, Erwin Alex Paxtor

William Holbrook

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