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Come celebrate 60 years of pancakin’ with a 60¢ short stack on Tuesday, July 17th. ... See MoreSee Less

Come celebrate 60 years of pancakin’ with a 60¢ short stack on Tuesday, July 17th.


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IHOP really!!! empty tables and alot of people standing around because they don't have enough people to serve. IHOP Definitely was not prepared for this!!!

You guys need to retrain staff especially manager on 901 e. Koenig lane 78751. We left hungry and angry after waiting for our food for an hour and staring at the food that's ready to be served by the kitchen area unattended for 20 mins.... while they walked by at least 15 times. The night manager wanted nothing to do with it, and decided to be rude instead of empathetic or apoligetic... and argued that the food just came out when I have been starring at it for 20 freaking mins while they get cold. Unbelievable to see that kind of an attitude from a manager. Every customer in there looked miserable but the wait staffs didn't care one bit.

Was looking forward to trying the tres leches pancakes so we visited the hwy 6 and timber creek location this morning. What a total waste of time and money. Apparently they ran out of dulce de leche and decided to substitute with chocolate without even letting us know. Horrible taste, what a disappointment.

Terrible planning for the location we went to. Only two servers tonight from 5-7pm. Many angry people because they wouldn't seat them. Good thing we went early.

IHOP is seriously failing in High Point, NC. Tables not bussed and no food being served. People eating with plastic ware.

Kudos and thanks to the amazing waitress at the IHOP in Centerville, Utah - her name is Brenda M. We went there for breakfast yesterday, July 15, and this amazing woman took our complicated, lots of extra sides order - completely in her head; never wrote down a single thing. She served our order with absolute precision - we got every single thing we ordered. I haven't seen this talented a waitress in decades! Brenda M - you rock the awesome!

Can you get ANY type of pancakes in the stack, or do they have to be plain buttermilk?

Thank you for letting us celebrate this day with you. This is our 4th year celebrating

Can u buy as many short stack for 60 cent as u want

There’s absolutely a catch, at least at the Warner Robins, Georgia, location. My sister took my kids and was told they each had to purchase a meal WITH a drink other than water in order to get a short stack for 60 cents. That would be a huge amount of food! The service there has never been stellar, but the food is usually great, so we figured it would be a fun treat for the kids. Nope, the server was rude and the promotion was nothing close to what was advertised. Really disappointed.

Pancakes were great. The T-bone steak was awful. I took a bite and it was like biting on spam., poor quality., I changed it to.. The corn beef dish was not great either. It’s not the usual corn beef hash with hash browns. Its corn-beef with raw onions, cheese and potatoes are barely cooked. Freaking gross. I paid for the second dish but I regret it.. At least I had the pancakes.

Just spent the past 8 minutes standing in line waiting to be seated. Staff kept looking at us every time they walked by but no one ever stopped to put our name on the list. They even went to the counter to check someone out but ignored the line that was forming out the door. People (including ourselves) ended up turning around and walking out. Looks like we won’t be able to enjoy this deal!

Awesome!!! My son's birthday is tomorrow!

Yeah, so, we were just there. Got seated. Waited over 8 waitress. Meanwhile, the two other parties that were seated two minutes ago were waited on. I told the manager, he said nothing to me. We walked out, went to Hardee's across the street.

Just want to do a big shout out to the IHOP in West Babylon! We’ve been going there for almost 30 years and have NEVER had a bad experience there!! Kudos!!

Been here an hour, still waiting on food. 4 tables occupied on our side of the restaurant. Had to wait 20 minutes to have beverage order taken by the hostess. We still don't know who our server is. Insane!!!

I don't know if i can trust you anymore IHOP

Hey ihop, can we get any of the flavored pancakes for this deal? Even if it's a little upcharge it'd be worth it!

Do you have to purchase something else in order to get the 60cent deal in Lake Jackson?

Is it per person or per table four people at the table four people get $0.60 pancakes?

Olaoluwa Oyedemi it’s on my birthday lol

Gianna Bruschi don’t forget our date tomorrow 😍

Samuel Perez wanna go tomorrow before you go to work???

Lydia N Jody Rodriguez take Elaine for her birthday lol

Ryan, I mean, it is your birthday... and I do kinda like pancakes.

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On July 17th, come celebrate 60 years of pancaking (and a month of IHOb'ing) with 60¢ short stacks. ... See MoreSee Less


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It wasn’t a stunt everyone just though the name change was dumb so you’re playing it off like you weren’t serious when you really were lmao

WE 👏 NO 👏 LONGER 👏 TRUST 👏 YOU 👏 ole, “iho🅱️ was a stunt” Don’t lie to us, y’all screwed up and didn’t know how to fix it. Keep those cheap cakes to yourself, waffles are better anyways. #wafflehouse

I want to write a review but am trying to see how too n to explain.. how I spent over $40 at ur New Wilkes Barre,PA location.. yesterday morning and it was an absolutely horrible experience .. I went with 2 other ppl and I had not only the worst food experience in a long time.. but the place was so unfriendly and I felt like I was eating in a cafeteria to be honest. I'm very upset overall with everything about the experience and how much $ was waisted to go home hungry. Amy Miller

Crystal Bush 😋

It wasn’t a stunt...y’all just came back to reality

Can you say..BACKFIRE?? That was the dumbest thing to attempt. You don't need to try something new..stick to what you use to do best....Pancakes! One suggestion..stop making stupid moves and put in a huge purchase order for real buttermilk and old fashioned maple syrup..and get back to the business of making money and happy bellies. Anything else is all Bull.....You're Welcome. Make my advisory check out to the name posted .

Well yes. So glad your deal days are always on a weekday when most of us work. Maybe try a weekend sometime when most of us actually have time to stop and sit down to eat.

We would, but after waiting 10 minutes in the lobby to even see a hostess, we were told “we aren’t taking anymore names on our waiting list...”

People get over it already . They accomplished what they set out to do folks . It was a promotion, so what .

60! So .60cent pancakes! Wow you guys are getting old! Might be best to start counting down like 50, 40, 20 🤔😉..

I'm on my way

It doesn’t really matter, I’ve been boycotting y’all since you got rid of your staple “cheese blintzes”! The only real reason to go to ihop in the first place!

Some of They knew exactly what they were doing, and it worked! They were never planning on getting rid of their pancakes, calm down. Yes, they've always had burgers, but now they have NEW, better burgers, hence their advertisements. It's not rocket science.

Wow so you were just frontin with the ihob stuff IHOP you better dm me some coupons. You guys are out of control

You just can’t leave the b out of your post huh smh please stop the b is dead haha pancakes is where it’s @ and always will be never forget that again

Caitlyn Witt yoooooo

Miles, we out?

Tiffany Handlon this is it lol

Kendruh Shuhree Canuhdee we should go!!

Let’s go

Mmm yummy

Abby Krug! Happy birthday to you lol

Tyler Paul Smith this is the commercial I was talking about 😂

Morgan Keske we must find an ihop

Ivy are we going?

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When your ad campaign fails so bad you pretend it didn’t happen

Ihop is this how yall think a boiled egg should be.

The name change was genius marketing lol. No one would’ve blinked an eye if they tried to promote burgers without doing something big to draw attention to themselves and get people talking.

Red velvet Pancake from IHOP ❤️ 🥞

The damage has already been done. Whoop dee doo burgers! Just like everywhere else. How original. Prepare to be on top 10 YouTube videos about bad corporate decisions for the rest of your life.

Well my family of 4 went to IHOP and it’s been years since we’ve gone and now we remember why.... Your hamburgers are SMALL and greasy, had no taste . Plus I didn’t want onions on my burger so I asked for 🥑avocado instead one slice $2 charge ridiculous.. I could’ve gone to Walmart bought 2 for that price and made a snack for 4 days.. $56 for 4 people to eat ... pancakes 🥞 my grandson and husband had a small stack each.. We won’t be back to IHOP for another 10 or more years.. your commercials for the hamburgers are a lie because they are not that big and the fries were over cooked .. IHOP across the street from the airport..I’ll give you one ⭐️ and I’m being generous.

are y'all honoring the $.60 short stack of pancakes today for your 60th birthday?

Lmao whoever IHOP has responding to these comments has some spunk!!! I LOVE IT!! 😂😂😂

Terrible location rude manager.

Hate it or love all are still talking about it. #facts #marketing

My GF got a burger from there the other day for the first time and loved it! I got blueberry pancakes tho 😉 lol what’s wrong with getting the best of both worlds?

😋🥞🥞 Happy 60 years IHOP.🎉🎈🎂🎊🥞🥞😋😊

And hey. All the talk got their name out there. Marketing tactics 😉

I see you saw my comment calling you out on poor image quality in the last pic. 😉

Still IHOP?

You mean it was just a promotional thing 😡😂

I ordered a large bowl fruit, and I got this...never return!🤨☹😒

Wait so it’s ihop again?

These trolls. Well played iHop

Yay!! IHOP is back!!! Makes me want to go get some PANCAKES!!! 🤤😋

Pure marketing genius! The next time you see an IHOP I bet you'll be thinking IHOB, and then think about their burgers. I'm still ordering the pancakes, though 😁

The burgers are delicious & for a great price! Coming back soon!!

Now I want pancakes lmao 😂

The best part is that y’all all thought they were actually changing their name 😂😂 cmon, it’s a marketing strategy and it clearly worked

They changed it to ihob for their burger promotion lol.

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