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3 days ago


Craving a hot deal? We’ve got TWO! 🔥🍕🤤

Large 2-Topping Pizza To-Go $5.99 each (Minimum Purchase of 2). Or get $1 Off either NY Style Pizza To-Go. Valid thru April 29.

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In Bradenton. Where's a Cici's?

Ay mija cómo te gusta las si sis pizza

Frank Varela 🤔

Jessica Solis Teresa Ibarra Alma Lozano Kim Duron

Hunter Price Daniel Vest

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4 days ago


Who has had a chance to take a photo with our Lady Liberty? 📷: @yanpco #NYCicis #MyCicis #WeekendPlans #NYC ... See MoreSee Less

Who has had a chance to take a photo with our Lady Liberty? 📷: @yanpco #NYCicis #MyCicis #WeekendPlans #NYC


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I know your new york pizza is a promotion but you guys should consider making it permanent. I love it and want more.

Don't Blink.

... All the New York State have closed. However, a few weeks ago on vacation my wife and I ate at the Hampton, Virginia location. Friendly staff. Sign in the parking lot.

Yash Jayswal almost spells nyc isis 🤔

Ate at CiCi’s in Williamsburg, VA and they had the statue!

We don't have a cici anymore 😢

does this mean cicis is coming to new york?

Patrick Pearce

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1 week ago


$4.17 Adult Buffet this Tuesday!

Taxpayers of America, it's time for a Pizza break. Join us at Cicis, where no one will audit your plate.

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So...since tax day was extended by the irs due to computer issues, are you going to extend this offer?

Should doit Friday and make it 4.20

Man. I'm on a diet and you're gonna offer this special? On my birthday no less? Y'all are cruel.

What happened to the cheesy bread?? I’m pregnant and have been craving that deliciousness soooo bad. Went yesterday and they said they no longer make it and have replaced it with dry, flavorless bread squares. So disappointing 😢

With this coupon, can we use one for our whole family? Or do we have to have a coupon for each person? Can't wait to try the NYS pizza yum.

So I must show the coupon and pay full price and I get the 2nd persons for the $4.17?

Can you open a cicis in cornwall uk please.

Is this valid at all cicis?

They keep saying that we need the coupon on the email

Bring your delicious pizza back to South Jersey! Please! I miss eating at Cici on a weekly basis.

Why have they closed CiCi’s in Avon and in Rocky River Ohio? None left nearby in the greater Cleveland area. Always one of my families favorite places! Please come back!!!!!

Is this coupon valid in any cicis pizza?

I wish! I'm on a low carb diet. No more pizza for me.

Are kids the same price?

Puedo presentar en mi cel con la promoción?

Sequila Cinnamon

Muy buen precio y la pizza es muy rica hay Cici

Cicis y’all doing this?? 😜

Jose Santos I’ve been wanting cicis!! Let’s go today

Kelvings Garcia missed your chance to try the brownie cheesecake

Nathan maybe I do want Cicis?

Jesus Zurita you been wanting cicis

Cicis Is there a list of participating locations?

not bad

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