Pour some sugar on me. #nationalpancakeday ... See MoreSee Less

Pour some sugar on me. #nationalpancakeday


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Channeling your inner Def Leppard?

Wow ! Ready for some of that !

"Stop it..."

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Check out our new Machine Shed swag. http://ow.ly/mo9b30irCH2


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Mike whalen is out of touch with his restaurants. Place has gone way down hill

Wish we'd had these things at the beginning.

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Fish Fry Friday!


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Friday Night Fish Fry a Wisconsin born tradition😁

Looks perfectly delicious!

I’m hungry for some GOOD FISH!!! Never had it there??!!

Wish someone would deliver a fish fry and an old fashioned to my front door in about 30 min.

Looks yummy I when to Sussex inn tonight for fish fry also very good

Oh yummy yes I love fish

I've had their FISH fry several times. GREAT! Our Pick and Save has very good fish too. But doesn't mean all of them do..

Love fish. That looks so good. I have never had anything there that I didn't like. Will have to try it next time we go there.

I have had that at the Iowa machine shed it is delicious. My favorite is the country fried steak. Or the stuffed pork chop.

We need t meet for lunch soon Jo Ann Denise and anyone else we can grab😘😘😘

Would have loved it tonight instead of the bargin shack... (not a real place)


Was there last night. Great service as always and food was excellent.

We just ate there. No complaints from us. So good.

This looks so good and it makes me hungry.

looks real good

Looks good

Oh God that looks good!!!☺

Disappointed in their fish.

Kollin Kirby I guess they have fish too

Now that looks Great!!!

Looks mmm

Where are you located at!

Looks good.

bad service

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